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Year 9 Students have their cake and eat it too

13th July, 2017 by Jude Owens

Year 9 students have learned that they can have their cake and eat it too.

This year, Year 9 Leader Mrs Gray has set a series of termly competitions for tutor groups to inspire them to work together as a team. Aspirational tasks were set to achieve the highest number of merits, the lowest number of behaviour points, the best attendance, the best uniform and latterly, in preparation for the next academic year, the best prepared for Year 10.

The winning tutor groups were rewarded with a slice of homemade cake in the Kings Café during lesson 3’s with Mrs Gray and Executive Headteacher Mr Richardson who praised them for their positive aptitude and attitude for life.

Pleased with themselves for their special accolade and reflecting on their achievement, and yet still modest, the students know that being well behaved and demonstrating good attendance makes them worthy role models, school life more enjoyable and also allows them to get the best out of their education. As in one of the Kings’ mottos – be the best that you can be.

Congratulations to 9GF and 9LT and those students from various tutor groups who were nominated for being the best prepared for Year 10.

At the end of this week, the top 50 students in Year 9 and also Year 10 will enjoy a rewards afternoon with team-building activities, sports/games and food as a special well done treat for all their hard work.