Parents Online

Online Reporting via Firefly

Please note that from October 2015, we are no longer using the Somerset Learning Platform (SLP) for online reporting for parents. We are now using Firefly. To view your child's reports please log in to Firefly as a parent.

Click here for information on how to log on to Firefly

The login panel should look as in the image on the left, below. To log in as a parent please bear in mind the following:

1. Avoid logging in as your child, this often happens when computers are shared.

2. Make sure you are logging in using the login panel as shown. If it does not say "Cloud Users for STUDENTS and STAFF" as where ringed in red, the text ringed in blue will read "Cloud Users for STUDENTS and STAFF" - click on this to change to the correct login panel.

3. If using Firefly for the first time your parent's account will need to be activated. To start this process click on the text ringed in green below.

4. Whether logging in, or activating your account, use the email address you have given to the school as your username.

5. If you experience difficulty logging in to Firefly, please contact IT support on 01934 745356 or email

Firefly will inform a parent of their child's reports, timetabling and homework tasks, together with more general subject matter, news items, letters, blogs, and detailed calendar.

BTEC Grades

Explanation of BTEC Grades

Parents' Evening System

The Parents' Evening system enables you to book your appointments online.

In advance of your child's Parents' Evening, you will receive a letter containing a unique secure login code, which allows access to the Parents' Evening System. Please ensure that you have a copy of the secure login code before you attempt to login.

Booking for appointments opens at 8.00 am on the Monday two weeks before a Parents' Evening. There are only a maximum of 33 appointments for any teacher, and potentially many more parents who would like an appointment, so it is advisable to book early.

Click here for the Parents' Evening System

Document Viewers

A number of documents that can be downloaded require special viewers to be installed. Some links to some of these are listed here.

Click here for the Microsoft Powerpoint page.

Click here for the Adobe Reader page.