Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


David Wiltshire

Deputy Headteachers

Rachel Hopwood (Progress and Performance)

Gemma Hunt (Welfare and Inclusion)

Assistant Headteachers

Kay Lowis (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Luke Parfitt (Teaching and Learning)


Michelle Buffham - Operations Manager and Clerk to Governors


Chair of Governors

Gillian Briggs

Vice Chair of Governors

Richard Oliver

Clerk to Governors

Michelle Buffham


Emer Ambrosius

Stuart Burns

Denis Carroll

Amanda Forster-Searle

Chris Thurling

Ceri Walsh


Avalon Leaders

Richard Coles - Head of House

Chris Sandifer - Deputy Head of House

Avalon Tutors

9A1 - Nathan Reynolds - E3

9A2 - Libby Hart - E4

9A3 - Sam Seddon - E5

10A1 - Louise Jory - E6

10A2 - Kirstie Gray and Elizabeth Schutte - E7

11A1 - Vicki Perch - E1

11A2 - David Grant - E2

12DP - Dan Parfitt - C2

12JW - Joanne Wilson - BS3

13ES - Ebba Scherer - A1

13IA - Laura Tincknell - P3

Camelot Leaders

Tim James - Head of House

Vanessa Armitage - Deputy Head of House

Camelot Tutors

9C1 - Jade Martin - L2

9C2 - Mel Chomiak - L1

10C1 - Neal Putman and Alison Snowdon - L3

10C2 - Vanessa Armitage and Sarah Bunn - L4

11C1 - Oli Caton - BS1

11C2 - Steve Baycroft - BS2

11C3 - Thao Kemp and Bethany Robbins - A4

12GS - Matt Ward - IT2

12NB - Nerys Blower - C3

13RW - Rebecca Weaving - A2

Lyonesse Leaders

Matt Rigg (Deputy Safeguarding Lead) - Head of House

Susi Grant - Deputy Head of House

Lyonesse Tutors

9L1 - Jocelyn Darley - M4

9L2 - Sarah Righton - Corrick

10L1 - Richard Coles and Nicola Senior - M5

10L2 - Lyndon Davies - M6

10L3 - Abbie Edgell and Ian Hemming - M7

11L1 - Ellie Fryer and Joanne Love - M1

11L2 - Anna Jane - M2

11L3 - Daniel Lomax - M3

12RS - Sarah Knightley - (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

13GR - Georgina Rebello - LIT

13RS - Rosie Shirley and Andrew Dennes - EMIT

Tintagel Leaders

Bex Mitchell - Head of House

Laura Angus - Deputy Head of House

Tintagel Tutors

9T1 - Ros Shurvinton - RE1

9T2 - Peter Cammish - RE2

9T3 - Kathy Thomson - G2

10T1 - Felicity Shorrock - H3

10T2 - Chris Sandifer - G3

10T3 - Gemma Bowden and Beth Davis - H1

11T1 - Duncan Raeburn and Laura Angus -

11T2 - Caroline Walker - H2

12ERE - Lizzie Read - IT3

12MW - Matt Wells - IT1

Rachael Wright (Deputy Safeguarding Lead) - Head of Sixth Form

Sarah Knightley - Senior Sixth Form Tutor (Student Leadership and Enrichment)

Subject Teachers


Natasha Ashurst - Head of Faculty

Sarah Bunn

Libby Hart

Carrie Jarvis

Sarah Knightley

Duncan Raeburn - English and Film Studies

Bethany Robbins

Rosie Shirley

Ros Shurvinton

Enterprise and Technology

Jo Wilson - Business Studies and Head of Faculty, and BTEC Co-Ordinator

Arabella Beacham - Design Technology Food

Richard Coles - Computer Science and iMedia

Andrew Dennes - Business Studies

David Grant - Subject Leader for Computer Science and iMedia

Thao Kemp - Design Technology

Bex Mitchell - Business Studies

Nathan Reynolds - Business Studies

Liz Schutte - Design Technology Food

Matt Ward - Digital and iMedia

Kathy Thomson - Subject Leader for Design Technology

Expressive Arts

Rebecca Weaving - Art and Head of Faculty

Mel Chomiak - Textiles

Beth Davis - Photography

Sarah Hobbs - Art

Sarah Righton - Subject Leader for Music

Ebba Scherer - Performing Arts


Felicity Shorrock - Subject Leader for History and Head of Faculty

Kirsty Armitstead

Gemma Bowden - History

Oli Caton - Humanities

Louise Jory - Subject Leader Religion, Philosophy and Ethics/Citizenship/PHSE

Jo Love - Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Kay Lowis - Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Neal Putman - Geography

Lizzie Read - History and Subject Leader for Sociology

Alison Snowdon - Subject Leader for Geography

Katie Thorpe - Humanities

Learning Support

Ian Squire - SENCo


Victoria Ward - Head of Faculty

Steven Baycroft

Peter Cammish

Jocelyn Darley

Daniel Lomax

Jade Martin

Sam Seddon

Nicola Senior - 2nd in Maths

Modern Foreign Languages

Georgina Rebello - German and Head of Faculty

Vicki Perch - French

Rachael Wright - French

Physical Education

Matt Wells - Head of Faculty

Kirstie Gray

Chris Sandifer

Caroline Walker


Daniel Parfitt - Chemistry and Head of Faculty

Laura Angus - Biology

Nerys Blower - Biology

Lyndon Davies - Subject Leader for Biology

Abbie Edgell - Biology

Ellie Fryer - Subject Leader for Psychology and Criminology

Ian Hemming - Science

Rachel Hopwood - Chemistry

Tim James - Physics

Anna Jane - Chemistry

Luke Parfitt - Biology

Laura Tincknell - Subject Leader for Physics

Learning Supervisors

Vanessa Armitage

Kate Browne

Sam Buffham

Oli Caton

Susi Grant

Matt Rigg

Support Staff


Paula Czajkowski - PA to Headteacher and Cover Coordinator

Lisa Fairchild - Trust Curriculum Manager

Becki Ham - Administration Assistant

Jo Hardwell - Attendance Officer

Mandy Ladd - Finance Officer

Polly Matthews - Operations Officer

Gemma Mills - Finance Assistant

Frances Prewett - HR Administrator

Joanne Robson - Data and Exams Officer

Ali Saull - Central Services Officer

Vivien Swift - Administration Assistant


Heads of Houses are the first point of contact for welfare

Jenny Baines - Learning Mentor

Lisa Boland - Inclusion Manager

The Reverend Ruth Motion - School Chaplain

Alistair Sage - Learning Mentor

Hattie Watson - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Student Support

Handley Bird-Kellog - Learning Support Assistant

Esther Bryans - Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Daisy Buffham - Learning Support Assistant

Kirsteen Creswick - Learning Support Assistant

Laura de Courcy - Student Support Coordinator/PFSA

Sally Devlin - Employability (Careers) Coordinator

Lydia Seddon - Learning Resource Centre Coordinator

Michelle Treharne - Learning Support Assistant

Hattie Watson - Learning Support Assistant


Chris Oakley - Trust ICT Technical Manager

Bob Chadderton - ICT Technician

Kath Hanlon - Senior Science Technician

Sue Orchard - Food Technician

Angela Tatton - Science Technician

Sam Walsh - Art Technician

Maxine Winby - Reprographics Technician

Nathan Wright - Design Technology Technician


Colette Brimble - Catering Manager

Lucy Hacker - Catering Assistant

Shirley Josling - Catering Assistant

Tracey Perry - Catering Assistant

Emily Pleass - Catering Assistant


Phil Morgan - Premises Manager

Craig Morgan - Caretaker

Ralph Tupper - Caretaker

Annette Barnett - Cleaner

Josh Beckett - Cleaner

Anne Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Handley Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Stephen Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Arthur Brothwood - Cleaner

Syd Fear - Cleaner

David Gudgeon - Cleaner

Samantha Kellaway - Cleaner

Linda Merrett - Cleaner

Annette Neville - Cleaner

Alison Palmer - Cleaner

Lee Randall - Cleaner

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