Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


David Wiltshire

Deputy Headteachers

Rachel Hopwood (Progress and Performance)

Assistant Headteachers

Kay Lowis (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Luke Parfitt (Teaching and Learning)


Michelle Buffham - Operations Manager

Jenny Farrell - Business Manager


Chair of Governors

Martin Davey

Vice Chair of Governors

Richard Oliver


Emer Ambrosius

Mark Boorman

Gillian Briggs

Stuart Burns

Denis Carroll

Amanda Forster-Searle

Steve Methley

Ceri Walsh


Avalon Leaders

Arabella Beacham - Head of House

Chris Sandifer - Deputy Head of House

Avalon Tutors

9A1 - Louise Jory - E6

9A2 - Kirstie Gray and Gary Smith - E7

10A1 - Vicky Perch - E1

10A2 - David Grant - E2

11A1 - Andrew Dennes - E3

11A2 - Caroline Walker - E4

11A3 - Sam Seddon - E5

12IA - Ilsa Anderson - EMIT

12ES - Ebba Scherer - A3

13DP - Dan Parfitt - C2

13JW - Joanne Wilson - BS3

Camelot Leaders

Tim James - Head of House

Vanessa Armitage - Deputy Head of House

Associate Tutors

Beth Davis

Camelot Tutors

9C1 - Neal Putman - L3

9C2 - Sarah Bunn - L4

10C1 - Oli Caton - BS1

10C2 - Steve Baycroft - BS2

10C3 - Kerry Egan - L1

11C1 - Jade Martin - L2

11C2 - Mel Chomiak - A4

12RW - Rebecca Weaving - A2

13NB - Nerys Blower - B1

13LT - Laura Tincknell - P2

Lyonesse Leaders

Matt Rigg - Head of House

Susi Grant - Deputy Head of House

Lyonesse Tutors

9L1 - Kai Holmes - M5

9L2 - Lyndon Davies - M6

9L3 - Abbie Edgell and Ian Hemming - M7

10L1 - Richard Coles - M1

10L2 - Anna Jane - M2

10L3 - Daniel Lomax - M3

11L1 - Thao Kemp - M4

11L2 - Sarah Righton - Corrick

12AB - Lee Sumsion - DT4

12RS - Sarah Knightley and Rosie Shirley - DT6

12GR - Georgina Rebello - LIT

13NA - Vicky Ward and Natasha Ashurst - P3

Tintagel Leaders

Kay Lowis - Head of House

Bex Mitchell - Deputy Head of House

Tintagel Tutors

9T1 - Felicity Shorrock - H3

9T2 - Kirsty Armitstead - G3

9T3 - Gemma Bowden - H1

10T1 - Duncan Raeburn and Sophie Pickman - G1

10T2 - Chris Sandifer - H2

11T1 - Laura Angus - RE1

11T2 - Peter Cammish - RE2

11T3 - Jenny Baines and Alison Snowdon - G2

12JD - Jocelyn Darley - IT2

13ERE - Lizzie Read - IT3

13MW - Matt Wells - IT1

Rachael Wright - Head of Sixth Form

Sarah Knightley - Senior Sixth Form Tutor (Student Leadership and Enrichment)

Subject Teachers

Enterprise and Technology

Jo Wilson - Business Studies and Head of Faculty, and BTEC Co-Ordinator

Arabella Beacham - Design Technology Food

Richard Coles - Subject Leader for ICT and Computing

Andrew Dennes - Business Studies

David Grant - ICT & Computer Science

Kai Holmes - Subject Leader for Design Technology

Thao Kemp - Design Technology

Bex Mitchell - Business Studies

Gary Smith - Digital Media


Natasha Ashurst - Head of Faculty

Ilsa Anderson - English and Film Studies

Sarah Bunn

Kerry Egan

Carrie Jarvis

Sarah Knightley

Duncan Raeburn - English and Film Studies

Rosie Shirley

Expressive Arts

Rebecca Weaving - Art and Head of Faculty

Mel Chomiak - Textiles

Beth Davis - Photography

Sarah Hobbs - Art

Sarah Righton - Subject Leader for Music

Ebba Scherer - Performing Arts


Kirsty Armitstead - Subject Leader for Geography and Head of Faculty

Gemma Bowden - History

Oli Caton - Humanities

Louise Jory - Subject Leader Religion, Philosophy and Ethics/Citizenship/PHSE

Kay Lowis - Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Neal Putman - Geography

Lizzie Read - History and Subject Leader for Sociology

Felicity Shorrock - Subject Leader for History

Alison Snowdon - Geography

Modern Foreign Languages

Georgina Rebello - German and Head of Faculty

Vicki Perch - French

Rachael Wright - French

Learning Support

Ian Squire - SENCO


Victoria Ward - Head of Faculty

Steven Baycroft

Peter Cammish

Jocelyn Darley

Daniel Lomax

Jade Martin

Lee Sumsion

Sam Seddon

Physical Education

Matt Wells - Head of Faculty

Kirstie Gray

Chris Sandifer

Caroline Walker


Daniel Parfitt - Chemistry and Head of Faculty

Laura Angus - Biology

Jenny Baines - Subject Leader for Psychology

Nerys Blower - Biology

Lyndon Davies - Subject Leader for Biology

Abbie Edgell - Biology

Ian Hemming - Science

Rachel Hopwood - Chemistry

Tim James - Physics

Anna Jane - Chemistry

Luke Parfitt - Biology

Sophie Pickman - Science

Laura Tincknell - Subject Leader for Physics

Learning Supervisors

Vanessa Armitage

Kate Browne

Sam Buffham

Oli Caton

Susi Grant

Matt Rigg

Support Staff


Paula Czajkowski - PA to Headteacher and Cover Coordinator

Lisa Fairchild - Trust Curriculum Manager

Becki Ham - Administration Assistant

Jo Hardwell - Attendance Officer

Mandy Ladd - Finance Officer

Gemma Mills - Finance Assistant

Becki Pearce - Executive Assistant to CEO and Clerk to Governors

Frances Prewett - HR Administrator

Joanne Robson - Data and Exams Officer

Ali Saull - Central Services Officer

Vivien Swift - Administration Assistant


Heads of Houses are the first point of contact for welfare

Fran Bowler - Trust Inclusion Manager

Ruth Motion - School Chaplain

Chloe Wilson - Inclusion Support Assistant

Student Support

Handley Bird-Kellog - Learning Support Assistant

Esther Bryans - Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Daisy Buffham - Learning Support Assistant

Kirsteen Creswick - Learning Support Assistant

Laura de Courcy - Student Support Coordinator/PFSA

Sally Devlin - Employability (Careers) Coordinator

Issie Kennedy - Learning Support Assistant

Kathy McGill maternity leave - Learning Support Assistant

Lydia Seddon maternity leave - Learning Resource Centre Coordinator

Michelle Treharne - Learning Support Assistant

Hattie Watson - Learning Support Assistant


Chris Oakley - Network Manager

Bob Chadderton - ICT Technician

Jeremy Corney - Web Developer

Kath Hanlon - Senior Science Technician

Sam Walsh - Art Technician

Angela Tatton - Science Technician

Max Winby - Reprographics Technician

Nathan Wright - Design Technology Technician


Colette Brimble - Catering Manager

Victoria Boorman - Catering Assistant

Shirley Josling - Catering Assistant

Sue Orchard - Catering Assistant

Tracey Perry - Catering Assistant

Emily Pleass - Catering Assistant


Phil Morgan - Premises Manager

Craig Morgan - Caretaker

Ralph Tupper - Caretaker

Annette Barnett - Cleaner

Anne Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Handley Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Stephen Bird-Kellog - Cleaner

Arthur Brothwood - Cleaner

Syd Fear - Cleaner

David Gudgeon - Cleaner

Samantha Kellaway - Cleaner

Linda Merrett - Cleaner

Annette Neville - Cleaner

Alison Palmer - Cleaner

Glenys Wills - Cleaner