Prayer at Kings

Students are given the opportunity every day to either join in collective prayer or spend time in personal prayer or reflection based on the theme of the week. Our school chaplain writes a weekly prayer or reflection which is shared on our website, twitter feed and on the students' dashboard on firefly. These prayers link with the theme of the week.

As a Church of England School, we support personal prayer with our weblink to the Church of England’s daily prayer.

Sometimes the theme of the week gives students the opportunity to produce creative pieces which contain the thoughts, prayers and reflections of the whole tutor group. Examples of these opportunities include the stars that were made for the Christmas services and “Post a note of Hope” for Holocaust Memorial Day.

The sanctuary provides a quiet place for our ‘school community’ to spiritually reflect, to pray and receive spiritual support.

The sanctuary which is comfortably furnished with sofas and armchairs can also be used (booked) as a meeting room for students, staff and support agencies, allowing them to meet in a relaxed purposeful environment for support, discussion and contemplation.

In the recent past kings has run a Christian union called “Engage” and has run a “Youth Alpha” course. These have ceased for the time being and will return in a different format in the near future. It is envisioned that there will be a general moral, ethics and philosophy discussion group, which will cover a wide variety of topics. There will also be a form of Christian Union for those students who are Christians or who are interested in exploring what it means to be a Christian.