Employability (Careers) Links

There are many websites that can help with information and guidance on jobs and opportunities for study. Below are a number of sites to encourage you to explore and find out more!

The government has set up specialist services for young people to get impartial Careers Advice.
Phone Line: 0800 100900 (open from 8am until 10pm)
Text Line: 07766413219
Free to access careers site offering a personality test, cv builder and some basic careers information.
The website of an organisation working to decrease unemployment amongst young people. It includes useful careers advice and research.
A free to access site which is designed to increase the general knowledge of young people about a wide range of careers and relevant training.
Student friendly site of careers information.
Parental advice site which answers many frequently asked questions.
A website that combines live job and apprenticeship vacancies with general careers information.
They offer free advice and guidance to young people, helping over half a million young people each year.
This site has lots of short films embedded in it where all kinds of people talk about a wide variety of areas of work.
This site has a "Careerzone" which is an excellent resource for finding out about the different type of jobs available, with information about what to study and how to get there.
This site has guides for students in dealing with psychometric tests during job interviews and internships
This site has guides for students in dealing with aptitude tests during job interviews and internships
A site that helps you explore opportunities and plan your career
Information on government funded further education