Coronavirus COVID-19


Check back here for announcements regarding the school and the coronavirus COVID-19

Measures Being Taken By Wessex Learning Trust Schools

These actions are designed to contain the spread of the virus by risk assessing our activity and keep core education going for as long as we can without interruption.
Non-essential exposure to risks external to the school community for staff and learners is a priority.

  • No overseas trips
  • Seriously review all other trips and look to postpone or cancel. Trips to crowded areas, large public places, stuffy and hot transport scenarios pose a serious risk and must not happen
  • Residential trips are seriously not advised (for the above reasons)
  • Postpone swimming lessons. No swimming in public pools
  • Cancel sport fixtures
  • Cancel use of the school building for external lettings
  • Cancel assemblies. No large gatherings
  • Cancel Easter church services. No large gatherings
  • Cancel any employer visits
  • Cancel visiting speakers
  • Cancel any learner work experience
  • Postpone parental events, music concerts and the like. Review the need to hold a parents evening
  • Postpone / cancel non-essential staff meetings, conferences, inter-agency meetings and so forth. Keep staff in school
  • Take additional care with food preparation, both in school canteens and in Food Technology lessons. Learners must wash their hands thoroughly before and after any Food Technology lesson
  • Have a designated Isolation Room in each school in case there is a case of a learner coming down with the symptoms, or a learner who has entered the school after being in a contaminated geographic region
  • Learners who have come from a contaminated region must self-isolate for 7 days
  • A number of additional cleaning measures to be taken
  • Planning for staff absences
  • The school should take appropriate risk-adjustments with volunteer staff, especially those that may be more senior in age. They should wash their hands on entry into the school and on exit. They should not be exposed to learners if the volunteer poses a risk to them (eg have virus symptoms) and likewise they themselves should be protected from learners.
  • We do not plan to close schools at this stage but will follow Public Health England advice. If there is a case of the virus with a learner the school should risk assess that situation. For example if the learner hasn’t been at school for 7 days and fellow learners are OK, the risk is minimal. If not, the area where the learner primarily was (eg in a particular classroom/s) should be deep cleaned
  • Prepare for a possible school closure scenario in the future:
  • Keep parents up to date. Communication is key.