BBC School Report

BBC School Report day - Thursday 16 March 2017

The Kings and Queens News Team swapped their classroom for the newsroom on Thursday 16 March 2017 when they took part in this year's BBC News School Report.

Going the Extra Mile

The Kings and Queens News Team went the Extra Mile with their look at local bus provision in our rural community.

Part of growing up is about enjoying your independence. The school catchment area for Kings covers 200 square miles, most of which is rural countryside and villages at the foot of the picturesque Mendips.

The nearest train station is Weston-super-Mare, which for many is a half hour drive. So too often it's down to home to ferry us about if we want to get anywhere in our free time and for after school events (for those of us who don't live here in Cheddar).

Or it's the bus. But it's not always that easy as hoping on one bus. Sometimes it's two. If there's a service at all. And you know the adage, you wait forever for a bus and then they all show up at once...

The Axbridge Roxy - 2016

The Kings and Queens News Team reported from the Axbridge Roxy for their BBC School News Report story from March 2016.